Summer School 2018

Our summer school is a fun, educational week long introduction to film-making. The course is practical in focus and students will learn to script, shoot and edit a short film in one week.

What we cover in the course:

  • Equipment Overview – getting to grips with the technology
  • Movie Quiz – Fun start to the week, test your movie knowledge
  • Special Effects – Green Screen – filming on a virtual landscape.
  • Costume Design – what’s effective and what looks real
  • Sound – sound recording and effects
  • Pitching Session – Choosing a plot
  • Scriptwriting – writing a short film script
  • Film Grammar – Types of shot, and filming techniques
  • Storyboarding – plan your film shot by shot
  • Stuntman – learn some moves with a professional
  • Acting – drama session with Colette Starr
  • Steadi Cam Operation – hints and tips on using a steadicam
  • Make-up – wounds, zombies, blood
  • Art Department – set building and dressing
  • Props and preparation for the shoot
  • Shooting – Filming around the college and the surrounding area
  • Editing – with Avid software
  • Film Music – what works well and why
  • Editing – postproduction

Cost: £299 – 5 Days

30th July – 3rd August 2018

Booking available soon.